Lord Warden Faren Parthenor

The hereditary lord of Fallcrest


Lord Faren Parthenor is a human man in his 60s with traditionally aristocratic features. Balding, with a fringe of long, curling gray hair, Lord Faren dresses simply but elegantly, with the Sword of Vendair Dragonslayer at his side.


A scion of the Parthenor family, the hereditary Lords Warden of Fallcrest, Lord Faren has acquired a well-earned reputation for justice and mercy during his reign.

His late marriage to Lady Esme proved a minor scandal. Lord Faren was fifty and Esme a mere fifteen when they married. A decade and a half later, the contrast between them is even starker.

Recently, he’s fallen victim to a mysterious wasting illness that doctors, sages, and mystics have been unable to name.

Lord Warden Faren Parthenor

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