Lady Esme Parthenor

Lady wife of the Lord Warden of Fallcrest


The young wife of Lord Warden Faren Parthenor of Fallcrest, Lady Esme is a startlingly beautiful woman of barely 30. Her style of dress is elaborate, evoking classic Imperial fashions as well as the dramatic garb of the Sunlit Lands. Her blonde hair is customarily dramatically styled and shaped, held in place with an array of long silver pins.


Rumored to be a sorceress of some repute, the beautiful Lady Esme has always been the Lord Warden’s equal in affairs of governance, quickly silencing those who doubted the abilities of a young woman less than half her husband’s age.

Since Lord Faren’s mysterious illness, Lady Esme has dispatched nearly all the knights and guardsmen in Fallcrest to scour the land in search of a cure, magical or otherwise.

Lord Faren and Lady Esme’s eldest daughter, Keilin, is rumored to be at court in the South. Her younger children, the twins, Elden and Elinor, reside with their mother in Moonstone Keep.

Lady Esme Parthenor

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