Carrion Lands

Session Two

The Temple of the Eternal Guardian

Trapped in the Temple of the Eternal Guardian with a mysterious shard with dramatic necromantic powers, Graith and Crocuta struggle to survive a siege of undead along with newcomers Aithyka and Simony.

As Graith and Crocuta struggled to hold off a horde of undead – corpses of monks in moldering robes and Imperial legionaries in antique armor – Aithyka and Simony found their way into the Temple, having been wandering the Witchlight Fens when the undead began to burst from the bogs around them. Taking shelter in the Temple, they quickly set to helping Graith and Crocuta fend off the resurrected dead, and then moved to fortify the Temple against the horde of undead surrounding them.

Examining the shard, Aithyka, a shardmind, determined it was an artifact of the Far Realm, and had staggering necromantic power, more than enough to resurrect the corpses that now surrounded the Temple. Unable to find a way to destroy it, she left it in the rectory while the small band hacked apart bookshelves to barricade themselves into the Temple until dawn, when the shard’s power would fade.

Having fended off two waves of zombie invaders, the survivors got serious, using braziers and lamp oil to set up burning barriers – just before a group of powerful undead forced their way into the temple, accompanied by a zombie dire bear!



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